A Bit About Us

weDeliver is the first crowdsourced “on-the-way” technology-driven delivery service for businesses in the MENA region.

There’s somebody leaving everywhere going everywhere all the time, so the goal of our solution is to utilize this asset to make delivery EASIER, FASTER, CHEAPER and more sustainable than traditional carriers and “on-demand” couriers.

Our collaborative model is disrupting the logistics industry by enabling faster, more efficient, low-cost delivery for businesses whether they are a big business, SME, retailer, restaurant or an online seller. At the same time, we allow drivers to monetize their daily commute, or vacation road-trip, turning road trips into revenue streams for drivers who are already on the road.

We are equipped with both passion and experienced team to turn our idea and product into a feasible and scalable business that will support thousands of startups and businesses across our region.

Meet The Team

Ahmad Ramahi

Sami Ghawi